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Deep stream (near Dunedin, Otago) is home to one of the last remaining populations of the uniquely Otago Eldon's Galaxiid (above photo credits:

Home to the quirky Clutha flathead Galaxiid (credits: Boundary creek in Lawrence, Otago is one of our project areas where we are working alongside local landowners, businesses and schools to celebrate their unique biodiversity and help improve the habitat.

As rare as the Kakapo, this critically endangered Teviot Galaxiid is found in only a handful of streams near Lake Onslow in the South Island.

Credits: Simon Madill

We educate and encourage public awareness of the wonders of New Zealand’s native freshwater species and ecosystems, by organising and facilitating fundraising, educational talks, field days and developing resources. We work alongside local schools, community groups to carry out activities and provide facilities in which we can help endangered galaxiid populations and improve their habitat. Examples include: 

~ Carrying out planting, fencing and/or earth works to enhance Galaxiid habitat.

~ Placing a structure in-stream which acts as a barrier to predators of galaxiids such as trout and brook char. Often this barrier is in the 
form of a concrete weir or overhanging culvert which require gaining resource consent. Structures like these allow the upstream
populations of galaxiids to be protected from any predators

~ Translocating a population of Galaxiids to a suitable new habitat

~ Removing Galaxiid predators from Galaxiid habitat when they threaten to eliminate an endangered Galaxiid population
We organise meets and have conversations which provide local communities with the knowledge and tools that will enable them to take ownership of freshwater issues and opportunities, have informed conversations about their local water management and carry out effective freshwater conservation actions.

We are able to carry out our business of loving freshwater thanks to funding grants and donations from other freshwater lovers and organisations.

Where are we working?

We have funding from the Department of Conservation, Rātā Foundation, Environment Canterbury, WWF New Zealand, Tindall Foundation and others to work on Galaxiid projects throughout Canterbury (Oxford, Tuhaitara Coastal Reserve, St Andrews), Otago (Poolburn, Waihola, Kakanui, Lawrence) and Southland (Pomahaka catchment).

What exactly do we do?