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The striking beauty of whitebait under a microscope (Credits: Cherie Palmer) reveal the galaxy-like flecks and patterns which adorn our native fish when they are young. As they grow into one of five unique species (such as the Giant kokopu to the right (Credits: Charles Fryett)), these unique markings become even more pronounced, giving this special family of fish their name - the Galaxiids.

The streams within ZEALANDIA in Wellington are a typical habitat for Banded kokopu, one of our iconic whitebait species. Credits: Lan Pham

The beautiful Dusky Galaxiid with it's 'galaxy-like' patterns and gold dusting are as rare as hen's teeth with only 25 known populations remaining in Otago. Credits: Simon Madill

We are a charitable trust formed by a group of people who share a love of New Zealand’s native freshwater fish and ecosystems.

By working together, we believe every individual and group can play a part in not only enhancing, but celebrating our country’s unique and fascinating freshwater critters and ecosystems.

New Zealand boasts an incredible diversity of native freshwater fish species, from our glittering gold Galaxiids to our real-life Tuna (eel) taniwhas. These species are at risk of being lost forever. 67% of our freshwater fish species are classified as endangered and we aim to get waterways working in a way that gives these spectacular species and the communities in which they live a chance to not only survive, but thrive.

We essentially want to achieve 2 aims:

1)  To raise the profile of endangered Galaxiids and native fish among the public. Or what we like to call spreading 'Galaxiid Love'

2)  To achieve on the ground conservation gains for native fish in general, but with a focus on our most endangered Galaxiid species which are concentrated in Southland, Otago and Canterbury.